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Privacy Policy

Learn about California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)


GAMEDAY PICKS, LLC is committed to providing a product and platform that not only protects the privacy of ALL OUR SUBSCRIBERS and our employees, but also that of the any customers who shop through us using our merchants check out.

GAME DAY PICKS, LLC cannot give you legal advice, but we can tell you that your activities on our site is not gambling, you must be 18 years of age to create a profile and upload all your required information so that you will be able to play this GAME in a secured environment. The following sections are intended for informational purposes only. Please consult with an attorney to fully understand how GAME DAY PICKS, LLC applies to your business, needs, and wants.


About the CCPA


The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a California law that gives California residents more control over the collection and use of their “personal information.” According to CCPA, “Personal Information” (PI) means information that identifies, relates to, describes, is capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular consumer or household. Please refer to CA Assembly Bill 375 for further information on what information is considered “personal” under CCPA. Any information you use or upload on the GAME DAY PICKS, LLC’s site is encrypted and protected under the SSL Certificate. No information you entered will be sold to anyone at any time. Your information and your business with us are our top priority to ensure that your information is SAFE that is why we are in collaboration with Clover Merchant service where you information will be transmitted and secured and stored for more upcoming events where your certified receipts will be used validating that you are a certified subscriber and YOU’RE IN THE GAME! Meaning you are in this GAME OF PLAY.

Who does the CCPA apply to?


CCPA’s requirements only apply to businesses who collect personal information and meet additional threshold requirements.

The CCPA applies to entities who determine the purposes (the “why”) and means (the “how”) of the processing of personal information, and satisfy one of the following standards:

  •  Have annual gross revenue of more than $25 million.
  • Annually buy, sell, receive for commercial purposes, the Personal Information of 50,000 or more California consumers this too will apply to anyone that is not a California consumer. 
  • Derives 50% or more of its annual revenue from selling consumers’ personal information.

The CCPA does not apply to entities that do not collect and/or sell the data of California residents. GAMEDAY PICKS, LLC will not be collecting and selling your data or information without anyone’s knowledge or consent to sell or transfer. We consider this to be a violation of the Privacy Act of 1974 and without your knowledge or consent. So, none of your information will be sold or shared with anyone besides GAMEDAY PICKS, LLC and the Keep The Kids Busy Foundation, Inc. (Universal). 

If a merchant (GAME DAY PICKS, LLC) meets these threshold requirements, CCPA grants the consumers or subscribers that shop with them certain rights. These rights include, but are not limited to:

  • Transparency with how their personal information is collected, used, and shared.
  • A right to opt-out of the “sale” of their data.
  • A right to access the personal information held on them (You will have your own personal profile page where you are in charge of your personal and private information. You will need an address to be on file and connected with your profile for shipping purposes of gifts and prizes and vacation packages / tickets. 
  • A right to have the personal information held on them deleted. (If you leave the pool of players or cancel out your future play, you will have such options to delete your personal information or close out your profile account. 


CCPA and selling personal information.


“Selling” personal information is a broad concept under CCPA. For example, a data “sale” would occur any time personal information is transferred from one business to another in exchange for money or valuable consideration. This means that if one business is transferring personal information to another business, and the recipient business is using that data for its own purposes, a data sale will have occurred. If, however, a business transfers personal information to another business and the recipient business is solely providing a service to the transferring business, a sale is unlikely to have occurred. Your information will not be transferred over to another business period. 
 If we are selling the personal information of California residents, which we will not be selling anyone information and we otherwise qualify as a business under CCPA, we have a requirement to notify consumers / subscriber (YOU) that we sold your data and will give you the ability to opt-out of the sale of your data. We are required to provide this information either through our website or send it in a disclosure amendment or agreement upon your transaction or as otherwise indicated in the CCPA. Not to worry, this information will be posted via the website for your immediate review and continuous access. 


Your rights are 100 % protected and will only be used for the purposes they are to be used for. We will not transfer any personal information made by you (customer) to another business that would qualify as a “sale or subscriber” and how to provide you our consumer with notice and the ability to opt-out of such sales transaction.


Clover merchants and the CCPA


Clover is the system or device that we will be using to process your transaction. Clover is 100 % secure and safe and all your information will be collected and filed under a specific assigned customer identification where you will received a specific designed receipt of purchase into your subscription where this receipt will be emailed to your email address on file and for you to be able to print or have in your phone that you are a legal subscriber in the GAME DAY PICKS, LLC. This purchase receipt will and can be used later for other benefits and discounts from offline events and activities under GAME DAY PICKS, LLC. It will all be related and connected to your profile and your account that you should not give or sell to anyone to be used to entering any of the offline events. The information below is intended for informational purposes only. For Clover devices images go to Those that cannot process using clover then use the merchant online beside clover. 


Transparency requirements 


We will always maintain a privacy policy on the website we own and/or operate. Clover too makes it easy for merchants such as GAMEDAY PICKS, LLC to upload our privacy policy on their merchant dashboard. Once we have uploaded a privacy policy to our merchant dashboard, Clover will upload links to our privacy policy on our device screen(s), our digital receipts, and our physical receipts will be available.

Note: We too will have our privacy policy available to everyone through Google for Google will be marketing GAMEDAY PICKS, LLC to fans and potential football fans to bring them in to something unique and special designed in place by the KEEP THE KIDS BUSY FOUNDATION, INC. (UNIVERSAL) for all business connected with this business is in fully operational and compliance with the Privacy Act of 1974. 

This too will be filed and attached with Secretary of State’s office under its articles under its legal Limited Lability Company and Incorporation paperwork at all times. 

For Example…California consumers data access rights this will apply to all region players that are in participation. 


The CCPA gives California consumers or subscribers certain data access rights, including:

  • The right to request access to the categories of personal information held on them (This will apply to everyone’s equal rights)
  • The actual pieces of data held on them.
  • The right to request that their data be deleted, (Anyone will be able to have this right to their information to be deleted by sending an email, mail or in person request at any event where your name and information will be in our system. 

If a consumer comes into our store and asks to exercise any of their CCPA data rights, the CCPA requires that we verify your identity to varying levels of certainty. This process involves matching data the subscriber (s) provided to us (GAMEDAY PICKS, LLC) with the data WE maintain.

After we have confirmed the subscriber's identity, and we understand the nature of your request, our Clover device and dashboard will provide a number of tools to help us fulfill the request.

From the subscriber’s profile you will be able to:

  • Access your subscriber’s data.
  • Edit the data we hold on the subscriber by tapping Edit Profile
  • Delete the subscriber’s profile.
  • Gather such information on your own in a way that is secure and with a tool that makes the data portable. From you creating your own account through our portable. 

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding your payment toward your subscription or recurring subscription, please contact us immediately through the email address on the website or the contact us section of the website.

Thanks for your business.