Get YOUR Coupon after purchasing jersey of $100 and select your team to start playing in 2024 NFL Season of picking...."GET IN THE GAME"

About Us

MUST READ BEFORE PLAYING...  _________________________________________________ GAMEDAY PICKS, LLC is a serious business. We stay with our agenda to provide professional online service or business to all those that want to subscribe. We start by registering all the subscribers into the league of picking week by week. When we reach the threshold of 1,000 subscribers per region the business is in full operation to prepare to send our top-notch picker (player) on an all-inclusive vacation for two at the end of the season. That's right a full luxury vacation for two. So, you play just like the NFL Players play on the field, but you must know how to pick the right team to win week by week. You must have your picks in by 12:01 a.m. on Thursday. If you miss your pick time that is a forfeit for that week, and you could put yourself in a tough situation during that week. Can you recover? That is up to you how great of a player you are on this field of play. You will accumulate losses for that week in the number of games played by the NFL. Remember, this is a fundraiser to assist after-school sports activities for our youth so your playing time will be for a great cause in addition you will be playing to win this inclusive vacation package for two. When you get in this game, stay in the game to win, and keep your account in good standing for all purchases are non-refundable and can be set to recurring for the next season without anything further from you.

*** Keynote: All players that are locked in for a five-year commitment lock themselves in for stock and shareholders into the league. Think about it $500.00 put you in to receive dividends payments and other benefits. ___________________________________________

*** Disclaimer: NFL Players are not allowed to play in GAMEDAY PICKS. Only NFL fans are allowed to be subscribers. Please remember these rules for they are very important to you as you go and grow into GAMEDAY PICKS, LLC.